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About Us


Gilchrist & Soames stands as one of the most renowned and respected spa, bath and body brands in the world. For over thirty years, Gilchrist & Soames’ fine products have been found in the most prestigious hotels, spas, and resorts throughout the world.

Gilchrist & Soames is based in Indianapolis, Indiana and Peterborough,  England. The company is owned by Guest Supply, a wholly owned subsidiary of Sysco Corporation (NYSE:SYY).

Our fine bath and body products, exacting customer service and commitment to environmental stewardship make us a dedicated partner who shares your passion for luxury and service.

One Personality At A Time

What gives us such sweeping global reach is the supreme value placed on personal attentiveness. Impeccable attention is given to every detail and a concierge level of service given to every individual and organization with whom we have the privilege of serving.

Naturally Nature Friendly

Safeguarding our delicate ecology is deeply rooted in Gilchrist & Soames' business philosophy. From measuring and reducing our carbon footprint to studying our ingredients' impact on soil and water to creating more recyclable and less wasteful packaging, we vow to talk the talk and walk gently.

With a focus on creating and offering the highest quality products, an emphasis on innovation from nature, and a commitment to unparalleled service, Gilchrist & Soames aspires to become the ultimate personal care destination - combining health, beauty and well-being into every product we make.