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First, let’s get acquainted…

Through our four decade journey, Gilchrist & Soames has become a time-honoured luxury lifestyle brand, fulfilling its values of quality craftsmanship to deliver an exceptional experience. We pair tradition with innovation in our own manufacturing facilities and apply our enduring passion for excellence in every product we create.

Sustainability is at our core and our products are always good for skin and earth. The fragrance, design, and performance of our products create sensory experiences that enhance how people view, interpret, and interact with their world. Whether appreciating new beauty through travel or at home each day, Gilchrist & Soames infuses luxury into quiet daily moments.

We Are

We are strongly committed to four fundamental values – aspiration, transparency, engagement and confidence in everything we do.
We are dedicated to providing beautiful luxury products in an ethical, mindful way, which is at the heart of our success.

We Believe

In all actions we should enrich, not exploit.
Every living being has value – Person, Animal, and Plant.
Our people, our quality, and our service are unparalleled.
We never stop learning, exploring, and loving life.
Luxury is experienced in moments.

Our Gilchrist & Soames Collections.

Each collection is designed to reflect a sense of place and takes you on a journey to evoke special memories, emotions, stories and experiences. Sense of place defines how people view, interpret and interact with their world, and our collections are designed to bring that memory or experience back to life.



Our Portfolio of Brands.

In addition to our Gilchrist & Soames collections, we own eco-conscious, lifestyle, and spa brands with the same guiding principles –

Essentiel Elements®

Olive Branch Botanicals®

View all of our brands and collections here.


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