Customer Reviews

“Every time I use this soap I remember our honeymoon in California, traveling up the Pacific Coast Highway, staying in cozy and interesting of which had this soap in the washroom. It's simply a lovely fragrance.” – JJ

“Like other reviewers, I stumbled upon the London conditioner when I stayed at a hotel several years ago. I have used no other conditioner since then. My hair feels like silk thanks to this conditioner. 5 Stars does not do it justice. Thank you!” – Bernadette

“I generally don't use or keep the hotel shampoos and conditioners. In this case, I babied it till the last drop. After about a year, I looked you up on the internet and ordered a bottle. It continues to be my favorite conditioner. I have fine, blond, straight healthy hair. This seems to smooth and not feel clingy or heavy. It feels clean and silky. Hard to describe, but it is different than most of the other products out there. Love it!” – Bonnie

“I have very straight hair that gets oily easy. The English Spa shampoo and conditioner get my hair super clean without weighing it down. My hair was not oily by the end of the day. The conditioner is quite light but is still able to get the tangles out. The smell is also amazing. I strongly recommend this product.” – MLM

“This is the best shampoo I have ever used. I normally shampoo with this and follow up with conditioner. It is something you will definitely want to try.” – James

“We buy all kinds of conditioners hoping for volume without weighing down your hair, and more importantly, one that isn't difficult to wash off the next day. I stayed at a San Diego boutique hotel and discovered this amazing product (London Conditioner) that not only smells neutrally clean but it also actually makes my hair full, thick and shiny every single day with absolutely no build up. Bravo, G&S!” – Ag

“Most of my life I have always scoffed at people who pay more money for hair care products as I always thought they were all basically the same. About a year ago I stayed in NYC. The hotel I stayed in had London Shampoo and Conditioner. It changed my mind for good. I still use my regular shampoo but the conditioner will be my conditioner of choice for as long as you make it. I LOVE IT! Yes, it's a bit more expensive but it's absolutely worth it! It only takes a small bit to make a BIG difference! I've recommended it to several of my friends. I can't say enough about this product. My hair is silky, shiny, and healthy. Thank you!” – Kimberley

“Great shampoo and conditioner. We used this at a 5 star hotel and my husband loved it. I also liked it so now my husband has become high maintenance. What have I done! Anyway great product. Ordered the duo received today and ordered another one as I needed one for myself.” – Sandra

“My wife and I stayed in a 5 star hotel in Seattle and they had the English Spa pH Balanced shampoo in the room. My wife went crazy over it. Now I keep it regularly stocked in our home. If you want to spoil your wife, you can't go wrong with this shampoo.” – Luke

“I was in heaven when I found out I could purchase this product (Spa Therapy Sea Wrack Body Wash). I got married 3 years ago at the Monterey Plaza Hotel in Monterey, CA and I travel back to my wedding weekend each time I take a bubble bath at home. The fragrance is so light and refreshing and you really feel like you are near the ocean when you close your eyes. It doesn't leave a residue in the bath tub like other bath products do. Please, never ever discontinue this line!!” – Ryan Renee

“While vacationing in England and staying at a wonderful B&B in Southampton I used this amazing shampoo (the Spa pH Balanced Shampoo) and absolutely LOVED it. I brought the little bottle home to the U.S. and have ordered it from at I am SOLD on this product. My hair has never looked or felt so good!!” – Judith

“Discovered the English Spa Vitamin B5 shampoo during our vacation. It was in the hotel room and turned out to be the best shampoo that I have ever used. It leaves my gray hair so soft plus conditions it and leaving it more manageable and with body. I try to never run out because I can tell the difference in my hair if I use anything else. Now I always buy several at a time. So when I travel I will ask what products do you use? If it isn't Gilchrist & Soames I won't stay there. My husband loves their Oatmeal cleansing bar soap.” – Rosie

“The English Spa Sea Kelp Mineral Bath makes the most luxurious suds in a jacuzzi tub, just the right amount of aroma, without being overpowering. Warning, very addictive, you won't settle for less, once you experience this product.” – Andy

“I found G&S at a luxury hotel in Orlando as part of a convention. I had to have more and was thrilled to find I could order online. After nearly 10 years, I keep coming back for more mineral bath, oatmeal soap and shampoo.” – E.L.

I believe this is one of the finest soaps anywhere on any market. I buy the multi bar packages and use this soap exclusively all year. Skin is cleansed well without dryness. I can then use my beauty care and other products following washing with this soap. Removes eye makeup well too. GET THIS SOAP and give a bar to your friends and family, they will be hooked forever too.” – Barbie

“You'll never use regular soap again. I got introduced to this staying at the Lord Elgin in Ottawa two years ago and have been using it ever since.” – Richard

“Since my introduction to this soap as a gift to myself after a stay at a resort and spa where I discovered G & S products, my whole family has to have their own bar. Both the smell that lingers after a shower and the condition of our skin make all of us fanatics for this particular oatmeal soap.” – Deborah

“My first experience with this amazing soap was quite a number of years ago at a hotel I was staying at. I was sold from the first use, with its gentle exfoliating properties and the most delightful aroma that captured my senses. It's not overpowering, but it lures you in to its refreshing experience time after time so that you will miss it very quickly when you run out.I normally give at least one from my box of 3 away every time I order, because people use mine and fall in love with it too.And here I am, ordering again because I just opened my last soap that I had stashed away. I only wish you had a storefront where I could sniff and try out your other products.” - Susan

“I discovered the English Spa Vitamin B5 Lotion at a hotel many years ago and fell in love with the fragrance. Because I am so scent-sensitive, I have used fragrance-free products in the past. But this product is wonderful! I have even sent it for gifts, for which I received rave reviews. At home I save it to use on special occasions, but decided to spoil myself and order the large size to use daily.” - Harriet

“I went to Restoration on King in Charleston, SC this past weekend. They provided Gilchrist & Soames make up remover towelettes and I loved them.” - Peggy

“Got any stores here in the USA where I can buy your products? I was at the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas Nevada and loved the smell and feel of your body lotion.”

“I just recently visited The Paramount Hotel and they had your product in their rooms. I really liked the smell…”

“Just to let you know, I have been using your products for about 15 years. I first discovered them in New Orleans at the Monteleone. Then again in Michigan at the Landmark.”

“I recently discovered your London collection while at a Starbucks in Chicago's Intercontinental Hotel. I asked the concierge for some shampoo...and he brought me shower gel, shampoo and conditioner. I fell in love.”

“Thank you for your help. I used a sample of Verde and my hair has never looked better.”

“I stayed at the Estancia Resort and Hotel in La Jolla, CA while moving my daughter to school at UCSD. They had your products as the complimentary in-room supplies and I absolutely loved them! In particular, I liked the Verde Conditioner (Hair Protector) and just decided to purchase some for personal use. I do not typically write to compliment companies, nor do I consider myself a consumer of luxury items, but in this case, I'll make an exception and wanted you to know that that particular product is excellent, and I hope you continue to make it for many years to come. So often I find a product I enjoy is taken off the market/manufacturing, and it takes me years to find something I like as much.”

“I signed up for email accounts approximately 5 years ago in the hopes that one day your "Aqua Lime" line would be available to everyday people (I fell in love with the product the first time I used it in the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas in early 2005!!). I found the product I wanted (the glitter basket) and I proceeded to use the code "AQUA2012" as told in the email, and was happy with the discount & shipping prices, so I decided to go ahead & [buy] myself something for Christmas. I love your products so much…” - Christine

“I am so excited to be getting your products. I just found some samples from one of our hotels stays and I love them. Was so excited to find you online.” - Sandy

“I just received my “me to me” gift and it is so beautiful. I ordered the Essential Elements gift set and it arrived in a beautiful black basket. Just terrific! Thank you for making this gift to me so special!” - Donna

“Yes, the order arrived today! Everything was beautifully packaged. I was so happy as I had some items to give at Christmas. I have been spreading the word about your products to my friends, family and coworkers. I was in Chicago on Friday, Saturday and Sunday for a meeting and the hotel I was staying at did not have shower gel in the bathroom. This time I had remembered to pack it in my TSA approved bag… with your travel kit, I will always have what I need. I can see that your larger containers will definitely be future purchases for at home use.” - Christine

“Thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart for going through all of this research and sending your very fine lotion to me!!! I am so very happy that this [Oxford] lotion is on it's way! Your quick response and sending the lotion I so adored from the inn and spa that I stayed at….now that is what I call WONDERFUL CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!” - Suzie

“I recently received one of the GILCHRIST & SOAMES lip balms during a stay at a hotel here in Canada and I LOVE this lip balm…”

“I recently stayed in a hotel that provided your products. I fell in love with the facial spray (Brumisateur Visage)” Starlene

“Wow! What great customer service! I ordered one gallon of Bee Kind Shampoo and one gallon of Bee Kind Conditioner just yesterday and it arrived this morning at 9:30am via FedEx. I absolutely love this shampoo and conditioner! Thanks again for producing a quality, environmentally-friendly product, helping the bees, and your speedy delivery!” - Janet

"I love your Aqua lime. I brought it for my lover, but I ended up wearing it myself. The scent lasts a long time and it smells so clean and fresh. I will be buying this a lot!"

"Your customer service is superb! Love the Wakeup Rosemary products!"

“I got a sample of body lotion in Sutton Place Hotel. I loved the smell and ordered online.”

"I've stayed at the East Hotel in Canberra a couple of times now and one of the reasons I love it there is that they have your Sprout Out collection, which I'm in love with.”

"Try the Bee Kind Shampoo and Conditioner! They are absolutely wonderful and do not have parabens, phthalates or artificial colors. The shampoo leaves my hair squeaky clean with a light honey and lemon scent! Love, Love, Love it! "

“I wanted to thank your company for your amazing lotions! I bought the gallon sized Spa Therapy Sea Fennel Body Lotion. I have severely cracked and dry skin during the winter. I have tried every lotion I could get my hands on, and disliked them all for that greasy feeling you get. I came across one of your lotions that was given out by a hotel. I rather liked it but it wasn't doing much for my skin, it was the one with Fig extract. Anyway I decided to check out your website and take a gamble on ordering the gallon sized Spa Therapy Sea Fennel Body Lotion, and boy am I glad that I did! This is THE BEST lotion I've ever come across. It has a very pleasing scent and best of all, no greasy feeling! After about 25 or so seconds after I rub the lotion in, I can use my smartphone and computer without worrying about leaving smudges or gunking up my equipment. I absolutely love your lotion! The shipping was fast as well! You have a lifetime customer now, as long as you keep making the Spa Therapy Sea Fennel Body Lotion, I will buy it, and I will recommend to everyone I know to visit your site and purchase their lotion and other needs from your company. It will take me a while to go through the gallon, but as soon as I run low I will be ordering again and again. Thank you so much!”

“I just wanted to let you know that the Zero shampoo that you sent as an exchange is the best of all of the ones that I have tried from you so far… I just thought I would follow up. Best regards and thanks again for the easy exchange!”

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