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Gilchrist & Soames Identifies Toiletries Trends for 2013
Tim Kersley makes three predictions for New Year and beyond

Indianapolis (Oct. 5, 2012) -- Gilchrist & Soames, a leading luxury hotel amenities company servicing the finest properties around the globe, has identified three key emerging trends that are expected to make a larger impact on the hospitality industry in 2013 and the years ahead. According to Tim Kersley, senior vice president with the company, hoteliers will be continuing to focus on packaging, formulations and options for sensitive skin.

Greener Packaging, More Repurposing

“With 4.8 million hotel rooms in North America and three million of those occupied on any given night, packaging and product waste are at the forefront of sustainability concerns, both in terms of environmental impact and on business viability,” says Kersley. “We’ve seen hoteliers gravitating toward lines that resonate with consumers by featuring eco-friendly packaging, and they will continue to embrace opportunities to use sustainable products and reclaim unused product and put it to good use.”Kersley thinks the hospitality industry will move toward even greener packaging, using suppliers who are committed to incorporating more recyclable materials. At the same time, he expects sustainable repurposing programs to gain traction. Already, Gilchrist & Soames is partnering with Clean the World, a nonprofit organization committed to collecting discarded soap and shampoo product for recycling and redistribution to homeless shelters and impoverished people worldwide. The company has also introduced its BeeKind Collection whose packaging reduces waste space by 92% compared to rigid plastic bottles while a portion of the collection’s net profits are donated to supporting honeybee research.

Natural Ingredients and Credible Formulations

As packaging is growing in importance, so are the contents within. “Consumers have become much savvier when it comes to the ingredients in their favorite products,” explained Kersley. “They want to use natural ingredients, not chemical formulations, on their skin and in their hair, and they want those ingredients to be sourced responsibly.”Kersley sees skincare products commanding more attention in hotel product lines. Guests, however, will be paying attention not only to product ingredients, but to the claims. Glichrist & Soames offers their gentle Zero Percent Collection which contains zero sulfates, parabens, phthalates, and artificial colors while still embodying the luxurious bathing experience customers have come to expect.Sensitive Skin and Fragrance-Free OptionsFor years, the hospitality industry has been focused on unisex bathing options and fragrances for guests. On the cusp of 2013, hotels are becoming savvier about offering their male and female customers fragrance-free formulas and products for sensitive skin. These products fulfill the needs of travelers who need gentler products while remaining appealing to both sexes.“Both women and men are becoming more attuned to their skincare needs and are looking for products that are effective, but neutral. I think we’re going to see the industry gradually offer more fragrance-free and sensitive skin items,” said Kersley.

About Tim Kersley

Tim Kersley is senior vice president of Gilchrist & Soames. He consults regularly with executives for international luxury hotel brands in developing product design, solutions and formulations to enhance the guest experience. After spending more than 30 years in the business, Kersley has grown adept at spotting emerging trends and influences within the luxury toiletries market. His experience began in the U.K.’s professional salon sector and has continued in the hospitality product design and formulation, which has afforded him with valuable technical knowledge and an appreciation for quality formulations.

About Gilchrist & Soames
Gilchrist & Soames (www.gilchristsoames.com) is a leading provider of cosmetic-grade toiletry collections for world-class hotels, exclusive resorts, and distinguished spas, inns, and bed & breakfasts. Specializing in servicing the luxury market, Gilchrist & Soames' products can be found in discerning properties throughout the world. Gilchrist & Soames is based in Indianapolis, Indiana and Peterborough, London, England. The company is wholly-owned by Swander Pace Capital, San Francisco. For more information, visit www.gilchristsoames.com.

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